Sunday, February 7, 2010


I don't know about you, but sometimes I feel like the most stressful things in college are not the huge looming situations that we would typically assume--it is prioritizing and fitting in all of the little day to day things. It is the multiple trips to the grocery store because you forgot something. It is your attempt at being productive and going to the library between your classes (but you realize that by the time you finally walk to the building, through the door, up the stairs and sit in a chair you now only have 30 minutes before you need to leave to be in time for your next class). It is that burst of motivation that gets you to the rec for a quick workout (that turns into a 2 hr. ordeal when you park, workout, drive home, shower, etc.). Planning your own day (as opposed to having it planned for you in high school)can be a great thing, but learning how to maximize your time effectively is a process, for sure. Last semester I constantly felt like I was struggling just to keep my head above water--surviving, not thriving. But I am realizing that the things that required so much planning and energy, are slowly becoming habits and time management is not as much of a chore. This semester is different--in a good way. It is a new day.

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