Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This past weekend I had a conversation with my pastor at home that made me realize something about myself. He asked how school was going and if I had decided on a career path. I told him how I had been working towards physical therapy but now have decided to switch to teaching. As we began discussing everything, I told him how I feel like I am such an indecisive person--how it takes me so long to make decisions, even small ones, and how overwhelming the decision about a career has been for me over the past couple semesters. He responded by saying, "No, Lindsay, I don't think you are an indecisive person. I think you are just one of those people that wants all the facts about the situation before making a decision. Some people are very instinctive and go with their gut and some people need the facts--and that is not a bad thing." It was a different perspective that I hadn't considered. The sermon he preached that Sunday was about Elijah in the Old Testament of the Bible. The statement that stuck out the most to me was when my pastor said, "Notice how God's instructions to Elijah are on a step-by-step basis. Often times he doesn't know what is coming next until he has completed the task God had commanded him. Elijah had to step out in faith." It made me realize that it is not possible for me to always have the facts and know the outcomes before I make a decision. That may seem like a very simple and obvious revelation, but I think sometimes I become obsessed with wanting to be in control of my life/decisions and not wanting to fail, that I lose perspective. It made me realize that I need to be able to step out in faith sometimes and be okay with not knowing what is on the other side of my decision.

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